Don’t get your odds wrong


PIC_GAMBLINGWhat is so surprising in Maria internet casino roulette is how people become influenced by previous numbers in the game. Some players will refuse to select a number that has been drawn in the last 10 spins; they believe the chances of it coming out again are much slimmer because of this.

Although this may easily seem the case, each spin of the wheel is independent to any other. What basically this means is that the odds for each selection remain exactly the same regardless of the previous draw.

Take the number 5 as a games guide example. Like all individual numbers in roulette, the odds are 35/1.Bear in mind at this stage that these odds in the game reflect the probability of the selection being successful. If the ball were to land on this number, in the very next spin the odds of number 5 coming out again would also be 35/1. This reflects how each draw is very much independent and that you should not be concerned about previous numbers.

It is not possible to do multiple betting in roulette but this would be the only occasion where the odds of back-to-back numbers appearing would change. If you were to request that the number 0 would come out in both the next two draws, the odds would then be 35/1 x 35/1. Here you can see that there is a very slim chance of this outcome occurring.

On the flip side to this, there are some people who tend to bet on the last number on the table in the very next spin. They always like to cover this because they are conscious of the selection coming out again and thus being a losing spin for them.