Smartwatch Casinos a Step Too Far

Smartwatch Casinos a Step Too Far

Smartwatch Casinos a Step Too Far

Samsung and Sony are already hard at work developing consumer interest in their current smartwatch models – the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Sony SmartWatch 2 – while rumours persist of Apple working on a prototype. All of this is to say that three of the largest tech companies in the world are focusing their efforts on the wearable technology market – but why?

Smartwatches Aren’t Cool

For the people that still wear a watch, most are motivated by retro aspirations to impress others or else the large price tag accompanying a stylish designer creation. Gadget watches are for little boys who want to pretend to be spies – not for mature adults who wish to avoid the collective laughter from everybody in the room. A cumbersome smartwatch is an unnecessary luxury for consumers who already have the latest smartphone and tablet models.

Evolution of Smartphones and Tablets

When you consider the modern smartphone, this merely the evolution of a product that the vast majority of consumers already craved: the mobile phone. In turn, tablet devices bridge the gap between laptops and smartphones, giving users a larger screen on which to easily browse the internet and still perform processor-intensive activities. Both of these devices have a clear use.

A Compromised Experience

On the face of it, a smartwatch should be the evolution of the normal watch. But it just isn’t a logical evolution when Samsung or Sony designs the watch instead of Rolex or Seiko. The aforementioned tech giants are merely seeking a shiny new product to the masses, and who can blame them? It’s just this latest product is a quirky creation that pales in comparison to the experience of a smartphone, as you have to make to do with a tiny screen.

Microgaming Striding Forward

And this brings us to the smartphone casino experience, which is being pioneered by Microgaming. Back at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) held in March 2014, Microgaming demoed a version of The Dark Knight slot being played on a Samsung Galaxy Gear S2. Wisely, the developer chose to optimise a slot game for smartwatches, as opposed to giving you a compromised experience of table games. Even the best casino bonuses wouldn’t be enough to let you forgive.

Concentrate on Live and Mobile

It feels like the pinnacle of irony that we find Microgaming leading the charge to develop smartwatch casino games. This is from the developer that has to suffer through the bulk of its online casinos not providing live or mobile casino offerings, presumably because the partners don’t wish to invest in these upgrades. Microgaming should first concentrate on seeing through the uptake of its current innovative casino platforms before pouring money into smartwatches.

Playtech Yet to Join Race

Unsurprisingly, we have yet to hear of any mention that Playtech has begun to develop a smartwatch platform to support casino games. That said, it wouldn’t be unlike Playtech to dip their toes in the water simply to maintain a similar innovation pace to Microgaming. These two industry heavyweights are constantly tussling for the top spot.

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