Play for Free at the Top Bingo Sites

Play for Free at the Top Bingo Sites

The number of online bingo sites has risen hugely throughout the past decade. More and more people are becoming aware of the many benefits provided by online bingo, and the number of these players now significantly outnumbers those playing in bingo halls. With so many new sites launched in recent years, competition has become fierce, and the top bingo sites must integrate new tactics to stand out from the crowd.

Play for Free at the Top Bingo Sites

With so many sites to choose from, players are becoming a lot more picky, and often opt to claim a free bonus in order to ‘try before they buy’. Bingo sites have become aware of this and are increasingly frequently offering players to option to try out their site for free without committing with funds. The various types of free bingo deals on offer are outlined in this article.

No Deposit Bonus

There is no doubt that these bonuses are becoming more common. Players love to get something for free, and a no-deposit bonus does exactly that. There is no need to take the time to enter any payment details – simply create an account with a username, email and password and you will instantly receive this cash bonus. However, it is important not to think of this as cash which you can use to win. There are always wagering requirements which players must meet prior to withdrawing any cash. For this reason, you should think of this as a free play bonus, giving you the opportunity to get to know the site and try out the various games on offer.

Deposit Bonus

Although these are less preferred to no deposit bonuses by players, they are the type of bonus which are most commonly found at online bingo sites. They work by giving you an additional percentage bonus on top of a deposit. The percentage amount different between sites, but is generally anything between 100% (effectively doubling your money) and 500%. These can be found at all of the top bingo sitesand are popular amongst players as they allow you to stretch out your money and play bingo for a lot longer than you would be able to otherwise.

Free Beginner Rooms

Another form of bonus, which is designed for the beginner bingo players out there, is gaining entry to free bingo rooms. When joining a new site, players are often granted access to these free rooms for a limited period only. This might be just a few hours, or it might be a few days. Whatever it is, it allows you to get to know the gaming software, try out the various bingo rooms on offer and get a feel for the social atmosphere on the site. Once you have exceeded your time limit in these free rooms, you can often go on to claim a deposit bonus, allowing you to claim even more free bingo!

Even More Free Bingo

You will also find that many of the top bingo sites host special promotions which allow players to earn cards for free for their chance to win amazing prizes. Keep an eye out for them as they do not come along often!

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