Craps: The Hard Way Bet


dicejpg-1f9b750e15208295The home of the Unibet Craps table contains more ways to bet than the number of meals shown on the menu in your local Chinese Take-Away. The dice create 36-combinations and therefore a lot of ways to win or lose your money.

If names are any indication of difficulty, why would you ever want to place a bet on something that exudes the name: Hard Way Bet? As ever, in gambling, if something is difficult then the prize justifies the effort.

The Hard Way Bet

There are just four hard-way bets on the Craps table and they are 4. 6, 8 or 10, and they must be a pair. So for simplicity you are looking to roll a pair of twos, threes, four or fives.
The betting space consists of four small boxes. Each box shows the pictorial view of the dice and their corresponding bet, with the odds of that bet shown beneath the picture. For example, dice bearing a pair of threes and the words 9 to 1 stenciled below shows a hard six bet.

You win the bet if you roll the exact number sequence you have chose (i.e. your hard number) and you lose if any other number is thrown. Another way of placing the bet is to simply place your chips on the felt and verbally declare to the dealer, “I wish to make a bet on the three, the hard way.”

As you can see, with only one way to win, this bet is very difficult to achieve hence the term Hard Way. If you were to compare this bet with the Roulette Wheel it would be the equivalent of a Straight Up bet where you choose just one number.