Men and Their Games

Are you a ‘poker widow’? Over the past ten years poker has seen a tremendous rise in popularity, mostly due to the WPT and the World Series of Poker. Overnight professional poker players became celebrities and household names.

Even the onlookers, (whether in person or on the television), get a tremendous thrill watching someone call ‘all-in’ when their stack is a million plus. The thrill is even greater when you see them win one million or six million in real cash.

However, the vast majority of us cannot afford to ‘buy in’ $10,000.00 for a tournament. So, an old tradition once again reared its head; the ‘Men’s Friday Night Poker Game’

All the guys get together and play poker for one or two evenings a week. The buy-in for these games is fairly cheap; a six-pack of beer or soda, cheese and salami or chips and pretzels usually work. The winner goes home with a good feeling; he beat everybody! Maybe the loser has to mow his lawn next week!

If your man loves his poker game, then I have the perfect gift for you; he will love you forever for giving it to him!

Get him a set of real poker chips; he will be the absolute king of the Friday night games. Poker Chip Sets are not that expensive and they are classy. You can choose from leather cases, aluminum cases or polished wood cases. The poker chips have the same feel as those used in most casinos.

Poker Chip Sets can be custom ordered. One can specify the chip color and the denomination for that color. For a small fee you can have the chips stamped with initials or a name. Chip sets with 100 chips are available for as little as $40.00 dollars, a set of 650 chips will cost approximately $120.00. Check it out; you will have a great time ordering them!