Betting Systems

When assessing the odds in a casino game of craps it becomes clear that the chances of making a seven are much greater than any other number. Indeed, with six different combinations as opposed to one or two for craps (a 2, 3 or 12), the best chance for you to make some money is on the come out roll.

This is because a seven here is a positive and will pay out money as opposed to a seven landing on the table after a point has been established. Because the come out roll is therefore the most profitable point in the game for the player and where the house has no edge, it’s important to get the right bets in place when betting online.

The most obvious bet to make is the pass line bet because you’ll receive an instant payout if seven or eleven is made. Once a point has been established then odds bets become profitable because the casino pays correct odds on these bets and therefore they have no edge. What is meant by this is that if you bet on an odds number then your wager is paid according to the actual odds of the point being made.

For example, if the point is a six then the shooter is 6/5 to make this number and this is the ratio at which your bet will be paid if it comes in. Making an odds bet is one of the most profitable you can make inside a casino because it is aligned with the true odds of the situation.

The final bet you should make when a point has been established is a come bet. This is essentially a delayed pass line bet and allows you to win if the shooter rolls a seven or eleven when aiming for their point number.

Understanding the odds in craps will help guide your betting tactics and reduce the casino’s overall edge, thus making it easier for you to win money.