About Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming is one of the major software developers that powers dozens of large internet casinos. The importance of their work is hard to overestimate because such companies actually make online gambling possible. You might think that each casino develops its own software that allows players to enjoy perfect simulations of classic casino games. But this would require the site owners to do a lot of work, and there would certainly be far less casino sites than there are now. Instead, independent software development companies offer high quality software platforms and license them to online casinos that can use them on their own account. This saves casino owners a lot of time and money, while allowing thousands of players to enjoy their favorite games online. One of the distinct features of RTG casinos is that they get more freedom in customizing the software and adding new features as compared to other casino platform. That's why when comparing different RTG casinos you will typically see a lot of exclusive details that makes each casino rather distinct. That's exactly why there are a lot of players who actually prefer RTG casinos over other platforms and gamble only at sites using this software.

RTG slots

rtg slot machinesMany players particularly recommend slot casinos developed using RTG software as delivering some of the best slot games on the web. Well, you can't go wrong with slots if you manage to emulate the game mechanics correctly. RTG did just that and the degree of freedom they give to third party casinos allows some of the best slot machines to be developed. RTG slots have earned a reputation of some of the most exciting games to play in online casinos, and you should definitely try them out. There are all types of slots you can imagine, starting with straight games that resemble the vintage slot machines to sophisticated progressive and bonus slot games that often don't look anything like slots. Choosing the right game from such a broad selection is always a matter of personal preference. Some players like simple slots, that's why it's better to stick to the most basic straight slots. Others like extra features and the possibility to win more than usually, so it would be best for such players to try progressive and multiplier slots. But you can always rest assured that when browsing through RTG slots you will always find a game that will suit you perfectly.

Bonuses and promotions

Don't forget that gambling online has a range of benefits that are rarely obtained in real-world casinos. One of such benefits is the possibility to get many bonuses that enhance your gambling time online. For example, there are no-deposit bonuses that allow you to play your favorite slots without having to pay anything at all. High rollers will benefit from extra bonuses that are triggered when placing the highest bets. Additional spins are available if you manage to find a promotion code online. So make sure to investigate the bonuses at each casino you're interested in since these promotions can make slots even more exciting. Sources:

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