Limit your selections


When playing unibet betting roulette we would all like to cover as many numbers as possible to give us the best chance of finding a winning selection when the ball finally lands on the wheel.
However, the problem with choosing too many online casino numbers is that the total stake becomes expensive each time we go into a game. Not only will this cut into our bankroll much quicker, it reduces our potential profit if we do have a winning selection.

At the start of a session, set yourself a limit with regards to the maximum amount of numbers you will allow yourself in each spin. Once you do this, you have to be disciplined not to break this limit regardless of the circumstances. If you want to add another selection, you must first remove one of your other numbers to accommodate it.

A fair allowance to give yourself could be 10 numbers. This means that if you were level staking at £1 per selection, your total bet would never exceed £10. A winning number would return at £36, so the minimum profit you would earn is £26 if you were to follow these guidelines.

This can also apply to outside bets. Although it is possible to have two different winning outside bets in the same spin, it is probably best to stick with just one per game. The majority of the outside bets only payout at even money so you need both of them to come in if you were to do two different bets to show a profit. One winner and a loser will only allow you to break even, while two losers is the worst case scenario in which you would lose twice as much as you would have with just the one bet.

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